How does it work?

Every tag is unique, each has a QR Code and a numeric or alphanumeric ID engraved on it. Once activated, the tag is linked to a secure personal database which contains the contact and other information filled exclusively by the owner of a SafeTagID tag. The data associated with a SafeTagID can be updated at any time to provide to the people who access the SafeTagID information everything they need to give first aid in case of an emergency situation or alert the owner for a found lost pet, lost luggage and key tag.

SafeTagID has five methods to contact the owner: indirectly from SafeTagID with our Toll Free Number or texting the word SAFETAGID to our short code, directly by sending the owner a SMS message, an E-mail, or calling its phone number.

Scan the QR code engraved on the tag with a Smartphone, or connect to and enter the code engraved on the medallion (letters/numbers). The record of the animal or objects appears on the screen, making it possible to contact the owner.

This tag can be read everywhere around the world

The scanning of a QR code, using a smartphone is an ultra fast and universal method to directly access the tag data.

Simple and Efficient

To protect your animal, personal belongings and loved ones you must activate the tag. An internet connection and a valid email address are required.

Connect to and let it guide you.

The Internet portal is compatible with all modern platforms (iPhone, iPad, tablet computer, all smart phones), and adapts to the resolution of any monitor type.

The advantages How to read a QR code

From your smartphone launch the application for the QR Code recognition. Point the camera from your phone to the QR code, content information associated with it appear immediately.