What items can I locate with the SafeTagID?
Any item you desire.

Will my SafeTagID work everywhere I go?
Yes. Peoples from all over with a QR Code reader on their smartphone can scan the code found on a SafeTagID and alert you that they have found your pet or items. Alternatively a PC can be used by the finder to type in the tag ID on our web site.

Do I need to know any special knowledge to use and activate a SafeTagID?
No special knowledge is required, a smartphone, a cell phone or a pc are common worldwide.

Will the SafeTagID ever send false alerts?
No, it will always send alerts if someone finds and scans your SafeTagID, text SAFETAGID to 76000 (SMS) or call 1 855 284 9536.

How does the SafeTagID work?
How long does it take to activate my SafeTagID?
Almost instantly. After you entered your Tag ID and Activation Code you will find yourself on the tag page where you can fill the form. The tag start working as soon as you submit your information.

Where can I purchase a SafeTagID tag?
Online at www.safetagid.com.

Can I buy additional SafeTagIDs?
Yes. You can have has many SafeTagIDs you desire on a single account.

Can I transfer a SafeTagID to someone else?
No, the SafeTagID is associated with your account. It cannot be deactivated from your account to transfer it to someone else. However, you may associate your SafeTagID with another pet, set of keys, etc.: you just have to modify the information for the SafeTagID tag.

Is my personal information protected?
All the information you typed in the contact page is shown on screen when a SafeTagID is scanned or viewed on PC, so that the finder can contact you. (The SafeTagID Key tag does not show the contact information on screen for security reason, but the finder may still contact you by using the form provided).

What is a QR code?
A QR code consists of black modules (square dots) arranged in a square grid on a white background, which can be read by an imaging device (such as a camera). QR (short for Quick Response) means that the contents of the code can be decoded quickly after being read by a smartphone or tablet. You must install an application on your smartphone or tablet to scan QR codes.

Can I personalized a SafeTagID tag?
Yes. It is possible to have a personalized tag: your own logo, color scheme, different tag shape, etc. Also the page seen by peoples who scan the QR Code or enter the tag ID in our web site can also be personalized to show your logo, color scheme, etc.. Additional information can be added to a tag.
Please contact SafeTagID to find out the prices, minimum quantity, etc.

10 reasons to find peace of mind
Great Products, Great Prices, Great Service, Great Information, Great Experience.

1. Quality Products:
We only offer high quality tag products and cards that last longer.

2. Best Price:
We are committed to give you the best possible price.

3. Shipping Included:
No extra costs whether you buy direct from us or through EBay or Amazon.

4. Easy Setup:
At SafeTagID, you can create your profile quickly and easily, and see it on your smartphone as your profile appears.

5. Customer Service:
Excellent and knowledgeable sales representatives available to assist you for your all your needs and questions.

6. Learning:
Learn about your SafeTagID tags and cards and cover your need. Have your contact information always updated for security reasons and needs so that you can always get an alert in case of emergencies or item lost.

7. Lifetime web page for each tag:
SafeTagID offers no annual fees and a lifetime web page for each tag visible on all platforms: PC, Tablet, Smartphone for as long as you owns a SafeTagID tag.

8. Returns:
If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return your SafeTagID within 14 days – NO questions asked.

9. SafeTagID Worldwide SMS Never Lost:
Apply for SMS alerts International Program. All SafeTagID products have alert system with email, phone and SMS capabilities in North America. For International SMS you need to call us to have your product activated in 250 Countries. Text SAFETAGID to 76000 and respond with your Tag ID and message requesting International activation, a few minutes later receive a message saying that we will contact you very soon, or call 1-450-300-0252 ext. 9

10. Peace of Mind:
You can buy with confidence knowing that SafeTagID is a trusted name, and that you are shopping on a secure site. All personal data is protected and will never be used or sold to third parties.